Spanish Language Class

Our infant classroom provides personal, warm and loving care in a colorful, stimulating, clean, and healthy environment. The classroom is filled with books, toys, and materials to encourage and promote discovery and awareness. 


Because every infant has a unique routine for eating, sleeping, and playing, our teachers continually update the toys, activities, and lesson plans to meet the childrens' ever-growing needs.


Each child is provided with a crib, feeding supplies, a blanket, and a cubbie. Parents provide diapers, wipes, creams, clothes, food, milk, and bottles.

At My Country Clubhouse, we communicate with infant parents in many ways, including newsletters, emails, text messages, and the Tadpoles Daily Report program.


Tadpoles is a program that allows our teachers to capture special moments and take photos and videos of the children in action. Tadpoles will also send parents classroom information about their child's daily activities, meals, diaper changes, and supply reminders.


We have an open-door policy, and parents are always welcome to come and chat with our teachers about their child's progress and development.


Stretch-N-Grow Class 


Sign Language Class

Teachers provide infants daily opportunities to practice gross motor, fine motor, social, emotional, language, and cognitive skills.  


Gross Motor: Rolling over, cruising, crawling, pulling up, and walking

Fine Motor: Picking up toys, holding a crayon, eating finger foods, and finger painting

Social/Emotional: Looking at emotion cards and pictures of people, playing simple games, reading stories with the teacher, and singing songs

Language: Baby sign language, basic vocabulary words, and daily story time

Cognitive: Counting, sorting, recognizing numbers and colors, and identifying shapes 

Five senses: Listening to music, smelling scent jars, feeling texture books, seeing colors and pictures, and tasting new foods.


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